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The NaKato Bar & Grill

At the NaKato Bar and Grill, we have over 50 bourbons, scotch and whiskeys. We also offer a wide variety of tap beers ranging from unique craft beers to the classic domestics. Our 12 taps lines continue to rotate different styles of ice cold brews to ensure that our clientele will be able to experience all types of beer.


6 wings traditional or boneless

choice of ranch or bleu cheese. $7.00 sauce choices:
bbq, buffalo, hot bbq, honey mustard, teriyaki, spicy parmesan garlic & bourbon buffalo

try out our rib rubbed wings
tossed in our signature dry rib rub!


choice of beef or chicken piled high with tortilla chips, Monterey jack cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, jalapeños, nacho cheese sauce, and served with salsa & sour cream. $14.50
add guacamole – $1.00

White cheddar cheese curds

served with a spicy chipotle raspberry sauce. $11.00

Dill pickle cheese curds

served with ranch. $12.00

battered cauliflower basket

served with cheese sauce. $11.00


tender deep fried steak bites, seasoned with salt & pepper and served with ranch. $12.50

spicy garlic parmesan shrimp

12 beer battered shrimp tossed in a spicy garlic parmesan sauce that comes with your choice of ranch or bleu cheese. $12.00

Our Famous Commercials

choice of turkey or beef


Small Plate – $11.50
Large Plate – $13.00


Crispy Chicken + Pickled Peppers

chicken tenders, canadian bacon, pepper jack cheese, jalapeños, banana peppers & honey mustard on a
pretzel bun. $14.50

Pastrami Reuben

pastrami, sauerkraut, swiss cheese & 1000 island dressing on marbled rye. $13.50

Crispy Chicken + Bacon Melt

chicken tenders, canadian bacon, pecan wood smoked bacon & swiss cheese on texas toast. $14.00

Chicken + Guac Ciabatta

grilled chicken breast, pepper jack cheese, pecan wood smoked bacon, guacamole, spring mix & tomato. $14.50

Turkey Bacon Melt

sliced turkey, pecan wood smoked bacon, american & swiss cheese on texas toast. $13.50

Raspberry Chipotle Turkey Melt

oven roasted and hand pulled turkey, pecan wood smoked bacon, swiss cheese, spring mix & raspberry chipotle sauce on ciabatta. $14.00

Crispy Chicken + Smoked Gouda

chicken tenders, smoked gouda, pecan wood smoked bacon, garlic mayo, romaine & tomato on an egg wash bun. $14.50

Pastrami melt

pastrami, swiss cheese, mayo & banana peppers on marbled rye. $13.50

Pastrami on Pretzel Bun

pastrami, pecan wood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese & garlic mayo on pretzel bun. $13.50


all burgers are braveheart 100% black angus beef 1/2lb. patties & served with french fries, tater tots or coleslaw and can be served on a bed of spring mix instead of bread/bun

available substitutions:

onion rings or waffle fries – $1.50
dinner salad or cup of soup – $2.00

nakato's best

American cheese, pecan wood smoked bacon & grilled onions. $14.00

Mushroom, Garlic + Smoked Gouda

smoked gouda, pecan wood smoked bacon, sautéed fresh mushrooms & garlic mayo. $14.50

Pancho + Lefty

crispy fried onion tanglers, bbq sauce, pecan wood smoked bacon, guacamole & cheddar cheese. $16.00

Range Street

pecan wood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, crispy fried onion tanglers & herbed horseradish sauce. $15.00


pepper jack cheese, pecan wood smoked bacon & chipotle sour cream. $15.00

patty melt

marbled rye, swiss cheese & grilled onions. $14.00


spring mix, tomato, onion & mayo. $14.50

mushroom + swiss

sautéed fresh mushrooms & swiss cheese. $15.50


pepper jack cheese, bbq sauce, pecan wood smoked bacon & onion rings. $14.50

Habanero honey + gorgonzola

habanero honey, gorgonzola cheese crumbles, grilled onion, & pecan wood smoked bacon. $15.00

spicy black bean

vegetarian black bean patty, pepper jack cheese, tomato, spring mix & guacamole. $14.50


served with toast, coleslaw, french fries or tater tots


Chicken strip basket – $13.00
Shrimp basket – $13.00
Fish + Chips Basket – $13.00


Cobb Salad

spring mix, grilled chicken, pecan wood smoked bacon, red onion, tomatoes, monterey jack cheese, hard-boiled egg and bleu cheese. $14.50

Crispy Chicken Salad

spring mix, pecan wood smoked bacon, tomato, hard-boiled egg, monterey jack cheese, onion tanglers & chicken tenders. $14.50

Taco Salad

beef or chicken on top of iceberg, romaine, black olives, tomatoes, jalapeños, monterey jack cheese, tortilla chips, salsa & sour cream. $14.50

Nakato Club Salad

iceberg, romaine, pecan wood smoked bacon, tomatoes, hard-boiled egg, bleu cheese crumbles, croutons, sliced turkey & ham. $14.50

spicy parmesan chicken Salad

grilled chicken breast tossed in a spicy parmesan garlic sauce, gorgonzola cheese crumbles, onion, tomato, romaine, iceberg, &hard boiled egg

Dinner Salad

iceberg, romaine, green peppers, tomatoes, red onions, & croutons. $6.50

Dressing Choices:

ranch, fat-free ranch, bleu cheese, 1000 island, french, honey mustard & balsamic vinaigrette

For The Kids

ages 12 & under meals are served with french fries or tater tots

1/2 Grilled Cheese Sandwich – $7.00
2 Chicken Tenders – $7.00

Breakfast At NaKato

Served Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 8-11am

Morning Favorites

Belgrade Breakfast

two eggs, choice of meat, hashbrowns, toast or english muffin. $11.50

Pancake Breakfast

one pancake, choice of meat & two eggs. $11.50

French Toast Breakfast

two slices of french toast, choice of meat & two eggs. $11.50


Pastrami Breakfast Sandwich

pastrami, egg, pecan wood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese & garlic mayo on a pretzel bun. $12.00

English Muffin Breakfast Sandwich

egg, choice of meat, American cheese, tomato, grilled onion & green peppers with mayo. $12.00


Bobby Joe's Omelet

ham, american cheese, onions, green peppers & hashbrowns (inside the omelet) topped with one pecan wood smoked bacon strip & one sausage link. $13.50

Maverick Omelet

pecan wood smoked bacon, ham, sausage & american cheese. $12.00

Western Omelet

ham, american cheese, onions & green peppers. $12.00

Build-Your-Own Omelet

american cheese & choice of two ingredients: pecan wood smoked bacon, sausage, ham, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms or jalapeños. $11.50
additional ingredients – 0.75/each

A La Carte

one egg – $2.00
One Pancake – $4.50
One Slice French Toast – $4.50
Hashbrowns – $4.00
Sausage Links (3) – $4.00
Sausage Patties (2) – $4.00
Pecan Wood Smoked Bacon (3) – $4.50
Ham Steak – $4.00
Toast (2) – $3.50
English Muffin – $3.99